Creates a enhanced HTML representation of a DTU table. The table can be (color) formatted individually by providing column_formatters. Also automatically links columns of plot names, to be viewable in the table. Currently you are not allowed to provide a column formatter for plot columns.

  columns = NULL,
  column_formatters = list(),
  order_by = NULL,
  num_digits = NULL,
  num_digits_format = NULL,
  min_page_length = 25,
  savepath = NULL,
  create_table_image = FALSE,



dturtle result object of create_dtu_table().


Optionally subset the existing dtu_table of the dturtle object to the columns specified here.


Named list of column_formatters, specifying a formatter function for every column that shall be formatted. The formatter functions are either from this package like table_percentage_bar(), table_pval_tile() or from formattable.


One or multiple columns to order the table by. Must be a vector of column names, descending order can be achieved by prepending a '-' (e.g. c("-my_col_name")).


Number of digits, numerical columns shall be formatted to. Can be a single number to apply to all numerical columns, or a number for each numerical column (in their order).


Digit format string, as in formatC. These format string are used in numerical columns formatting if num_digits is provided. Can be a single format string to apply same format to all numerical columns, or a format string for each numerical column (in their order).


Specify the minimal number of items, available to display in the table. Will be used as default number of items.


Specify save path, if the HTML table shall be saved to disk. The same path is used to create a table image, if create_table_image is not FALSE. The directories will be created if necessary.


Set number of table rows for optionally saving a image representation of the subsetted HTML table. Utilizes the package webshot or webshot2.


Arguments passed on to formattable::format_table


a data.frame.


a list of formatter functions or formulas. The existing columns of x will be applied the formatter function in formatters if it exists.If a formatter is specified by formula, then the formula will be interpreted as a lambda expression with its left-hand side being a symbol and right-hand side being the expression using the symbol to represent the column values. The formula expression will be evaluated in the environment of the formula.If a formatter is FALSE, then the corresponding column will be hidden.Area formatter is specified in the form of area(row, col) ~ formatter without specifying the column name.


The output format: html, markdown or pandoc?


The alignment of columns: a character vector consisting of 'l' (left), 'c' (center), and/or 'r' (right). By default, all columns are right-aligned.


The number of significant digits to be used for numeric and complex values.


The HTML class of <table> created when format = "html"


A datatables object, if no savepath is provided.


The table can optionally also be saved as an image ('.png'), by specifying the wanted number of rows to create_table_image.