Combine list of sparse count matrices. Presumably coming from import_counts() or import_dge_counts() in conjunction with single-cell data.

  cell_extensions = NULL,
  cell_extension_side = "append",
  seurat_obj = NULL,
  tx2gene = NULL,
  assay_name = "dtutx"



List of sparse count matrices, as returned by import_counts() or import_dge_counts() for single-cell data.


Optional vector of cellname extensions that are added to the cellnames of the samples. The original cellnames and the extension are separated by an underscore '_'. Defaults to an increasing integer per sample.


Define to which side of the barcode the cell extensions shall be added ('append' or 'prepend').


Optional seurat object, where the combined matrix is added as an assay. This has the advantage, that the cells are matched and subsetted if necessary. Currently only Seurat 3 objects are supported.


Optional tx2gene or metadata data frame, can only be used in conjunction with a seurat object. Metadata is added as feature-level meta data to the created assay. The first column of the data frame must contain transcript names/ids. The same transcript names/ids as in the tx_list objects must be used.


If the combined matrix should be added to an existing Seurat object, the name of the assay can be specified here.


Either a combined sparse count matrix or a seurat object which the combined sparse count matrix as an assay.


This function adds a cellname extension if necessary. Can optionally add the combined matrix to a existing Seurat object (keeping the cellname extension of the object and matching the cells). Also removes overall non expressed features.

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